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To be elgible for membership and particpate in any and all legal representation provided by the dues paying members of this organization you MUST:

    a)  Be Retired from the Charter County of Wayne, Michigan

    b)  Make written application for membership by joining this website and completing the short profile and email verification process and

    c)  Pay all membership dues as established by the Board of Directors

Currently the dues are $100.00 A YEAR.  Dues for 2017 should be paid by March 17th and checks should be made out to the Wayne County Retirees Association and mailed to P.O. Box 371 Onsted, Michigan 49265.  You may also pay dues or make a donation online by clicking the dues/donations link on the left side navigation bar.  Renewal dues not paid by April 17th will result in an automatic suspension of your account.  

NON Retirees can also join this website as a Guest Member by making a donation to the WCRA.  

Dues and donations to the WCRA are 100% tax deductible. All members of the website will receive a receipt, emailed to them in Janauary 2017 for their 2016 payment.  Guest members of the website ( which are people who paid dues or made a donation but have not joined the website or previously provided an email address), will receive a receipt via the U.S. Postal service.  If we do not have an email or a home address for you, you will need to request a receipt using the "contact us" form.