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We are currently accepting 2018 Dues now through March 1st.  The annual dues remain at $100 and can be sent to:  WCRA, P.O. Box 371, Onsted MI 49265.   Your continued support is appreciated.

IMPORTANT UPDATE on the Lansing Bills
Analysis of Municipal Retirement Reform Package as Adopted by the Legislature 12.15.17
Municipal Retirement Bills on way to Govenor and MIRS and Gongwer Reports December 12th.  Click here to view both
12.16.17 Letter to H. Macdonald



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A Message from the WCRA President - Eugene Wright;

Retirement.  The very time in our lives when life gets slower and easier.  A time when travel, hobbies, grandchildren and the "fruits of our labor" to an employer and to our community should be offering us a safe haven to enjoy family, friends and our 'golden years'. In Wayne County, and in many other cities, counties and states around the nation... the idea, the dream, the reality is cruelly and inexcusably (perhaps even criminally) being snatch away.  

In the 80's, 90's and beyond, ALL Wayne County Employees sacrified what we didn't need, so that we would all be able to survive on what we did need.  We came together, made countless contractual concessions, endured mandatory overtime, double shifts, payless paydays and reduced benefits.  We gave, and gave and GAVE. Even in post retirement for many, the giving continued.  The sacrifices were accepted.  All for the promise.. the guarantee of health benefits, pensions and the 13th check.... for ourselves and for the future of our familes. Knowing that as much as we wanted these things in our youth, it would be so very much more important later on.

Today... right here... right now... the giving has to stop.  The line in the sand needs to be drawn. Retiree's have given enough.  The disrepect of our service to a heartless administration and a clueless community has to end. It's time to band together again.  It's time to send a message to Warren C. Evans and to those that came before, remain in power now, and to those that may be elected in the future.